The Wishing Game

The Wishing Game
Published: May 30, 2023

Sometimes I want a book that isn’t full of doom and gloom. The main character doesn’t have to go into crisis mode to grow and become a better person. I know, I know, that’s how you grow emotionally but it doesn’t change the fact that sometimes I just want a nice story to read. I need rainbows and butterflies in my life. The Wishing Game hit the rainbows and butterflies notes for me and for that, it got a solid 5 stars!


  1. Often described as the willy wonk for book lovers. Okay, I can get on board with that description.
  2. This is not a piece of literary fiction. This is not a thought provoking book. This is not provocative or any other adjective like that! It is light, fun, and just a cute story. I appreciated it for being ‘nice’.
  3. I NEED another book just about Jack, a prequel to this story. I think Jack is interesting, albeit he doesn’t make the best decisions, but I think he’s a very intriguing character!
  4. I really wanted a happy ever after for Lucy. My main gripe is that she’s pretty obsessive still about how her sister was treated. Part of me wanted to tell her to relax a bit! But, it didn’t bug me enough to drop the star count.
  5. I’m not a big romance reader, and this had some romance, but it wasn’t the main story line which worked for me.
  6. I am not sure I’d call this a found family book, but it’s close. And I guess I could be convinced if people truly felt The Wishing Game fell into the found family category.

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