Before We Were Yours

Before We Were Yours
Published: June 6, 2017

A book that has sat on my shelf for about 4 years. Why? I have no idea why I kept skipping over it. I finally listened to the audio version. I actually looked forward to my walks and even added an extra walk here and there just to listen to this book. As someone who isn’t a fan of taking walks, this is a HUGE deal.


  1. Trigger warning: child abduction, child abuse, child death, molestation, insinuations of rape.
  2. Heartbreaking that these things have happened even if these characters are fully fictional.
  3. Alternating points of view set in two different times – one present day, and one in 1939.
  4. Having never heard of the Tennessee Children’s Home Society, this was a great peek into a darker piece of history.
  5. Rill is an amazing character. Rill has smarts and although she doesn’t always make good decisions, she’s only a young child, so dumb choices should be expected.
  6. Although a five star read, I do feel that Avery’s storyline was rushed at the end, giving me a bit of whiplash. Though not the primary story line, it was still a decent chunk of the book and it just felt like a quick brushstroke.
  7. Building on the last point, a bit too much was put into Avery’s love life. It doesn’t add to the story and probably why, at the end, her storyline was a quick brushstroke.
  8. Regardless of my quibbles, this is an engaging story and is a quick read. It might lead you down a research black hole, but learning about something new isn’t a bad thing!
  9. 5 stars for me. The audio book was fantastic!

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