spirit crossing by William Kent Krueger

Spirit Crossing

Alrighty, well, I jumped in at the deep end, so I had a lot of characters to keep track of and that’s what happens when you don’t start at book one. This did slow me down a bit at the beginning, but Krueger does a great job of reminding you who is who throughout the Read more

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Here One Moment by Liane Moriarty

Here One Moment

3.5 stars knocked down to 3 stars I wish we could give half stars because Here One Moment had some great moments but some moments seemed to drag as well. There were times I was not excited to pick up this book and I can’t give four stars to a book I’m not excited to

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Black Sheep by Rachel Harrison

Black Sheep

I normally don’t read horror. Yes, I read Stephen King, but most of his stuff in the past few decades doesn’t really qualify as horror to me. I am a big scaredy cat and have avoided the genre but am slowly starting to dip my toe into the horror waters again. Black Sheep seemed like

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the summer club by hannah Mckinnon

The Summer Club

I’m always looking for a good summer read to have in between some of the other books I choose to read. So, I was excited to read The Summer Club. Here’s the thing, I don’t classify it as a beach read at all. It’s a quick read, definitely, but there are some heavier topics mentioned.

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Quarry Girls by Jess Lourey

The Quarry Girls

Suspense and thrillers are hard to gauge based on other reviews because as readers, our expectations and our desire to be surprised will vary so dramatically. I personally prefer the roller coaster ride, and the suspense, even if I do have a guess who the bad guy is. What I don’t like is having a

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Three Keys by Laura Pritchett

Three Keys

Three Keys was a tough book to rate. There were moments of enjoyment while reading and there were moments of “what in the heck am I reading right now”? Unfortunately, there were more what the heck thoughts than moments of enjoyment. The main character Ammalie is struggling through her own midlife crisis and has to

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