The Invisible Hour

The Invisible Hour
Published: August 15, 2023

If I start a book, I try to finish it. Now, there have been a few books I started and within ten pages knew it wasn’t for me, or more likely, I just wasn’t in the mood for this book at this time. The Invisible Hour was a DNF for me, but I didn’t realize it until halfway through and I tried to push on since I had committed the time, but I just couldn’t do it.


  1. This book has so much promise! I was fully invested in the characters and the story.
  2. It is broken into two parts and the second part made such a sharp turn, I could not get invested back into the story.
  3. Is this literary fiction? I thought so in the beginning, maybe even older style women’s fiction, but then it kind of brings on suspense vibes. I’m okay with all of these. I think the genre pool overflows though once time travel and historical fiction are tossed in the pot.
  4. The pacing is great in parts and some parts, I still have mental whiplash.
  5. Mia is a well written character and I enjoyed following her journey, until part 2. Then I just didn’t care anymore.
  6. Seeing how books saved Mia during dark times was amazing. I love this, but not enough to save the book.
  7. 2 stars because the first part was fabulous, a potential 5 star book before it went a completely different route and lost me as a reader in the process.

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