Here One Moment

3.5 stars knocked down to 3 stars

I wish we could give half stars because Here One Moment had some great moments but some moments seemed to drag as well. There were times I was not excited to pick up this book and I can’t give four stars to a book I’m not excited to read.

The premise of this book is FANTASTIC! When a lady gets up in the middle of a flight and predicts when and how everyone will die, I am there! This is a great story idea.

We start following several characters and it was very interesting to see how they each dealt with the information from the supposed psychic. But then we start getting Cherry’s (the psychic) story every other chapter and this is where the pacing takes a hit. 

Trying to track characters was difficult at times, especially if you’re not reading the book every day. Even as someone who reads daily, it sometimes took me a moment or two to figure out which person was being talked about again.

Here One Moment does make you think about your mortality and how you would handle your life if you were told HOW and when you were going to die. What would you change? What would you do? Would you want to know? 

Thank you to Netgalley  and Crown Publishing for the Arc

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