Shelterwood by lisa wingate
Published: June 4, 2024

Shelterwood is a historical fiction novel that focuses on the abuses of children by those who are supposed to protect them. Told in dual timelines, Shelterwood takes place in Oklahoma, in 1909 and 1990.

This book started a bit slow and I wasn’t sure how the two timelines tied in together, but having read a few other novels by Wingate, I knew they would in some way. 

Ollie, 11,  is the protagonist in 1909 and Valerie, a park ranger, is the protagonist in 1990. Both are relatively smart women who make good decisions and try to be proactive about their respective situations, which is always important because I really can’t stand dumb characters. 

Again, the story started slow, but both timelines picked up and each one held enough intrigue and interest that I wasn’t disappointed when I had to switch from Ollie to Valerie. Both story lines were strong enough to hold their own in this novel and I love how they eventually tied in together and wrapped up.

Is this the best Lisa Wingate novel? No, I absolutely loved Before We Were Yours, it remains my favorite by her, but this one is fantastic and a solid four stars.

I received an ARC via Netgalley in return I would provide an honest review of this book.

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